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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big Pools

     This weekend we were able to enjoy our community pool for the first time! There are 2 saltwater pools there- a small kiddie pool that's about 1.5 feet deep and then a larger pool that ranges from 3-5 feet. Perfect for this hot weather we have been having!

 Super cheesy smile, but JT was ready to go!

 Playing in the kiddie pool! We are trying to figure out the best setup for JT. Had this flotation suit from last year, but it didn't float him very well since he has grown .

 JT's version of swimming.

 I love this shot! Playing with the bucket in the water.

 Swimming with Daddy- borrowing his hat.

 Playing in the big pool with sisters and a friend.

 Attempt #2 at flotation device- arm floaties. They kept him afloat much better, but they were sure difficult to put on! Practice, practice, practice!

Chillin' on the noodle with Sarah.

Here is a video that shows the lack of fear of water for my boy. I'm working on words/rules to help JT understand that he needs to wait, stop,etc when it comes to jumping in the pool. He is basically the opposite of fearful and that can be a scary thought for a parent.

JT was just talking it up here- I think this also shows how on the move this little guy is! He can't stay still for very long! Video might cut off in a weird spot due to how I had to email it from my phone.

Last video of JT's jumping abilities to Sarah. This kid will jump anywhere and sometimes he is specific on where he wants to jump from!

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