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Monday, November 28, 2011

Caching up-Leaf Prints

     As Sarah pointed out during her visit home over Thanksgiving, I am seriously slacking on my blog posts. Just getting caught up in life I guess, sorry :) I'm planning on trying my best to get caught up this week, maybe even doing some double posts in a day. Here we go!

 In becoming in touch with my inner craftiness, I have tried to come up with some artwork or crafts to do with the boys. On this day, the boys made leaf prints. It was a windy, warm day- perfect for leaf collecting!

 Off they ran searching for leaves to place in their bags.

 They had more fun running around with each other though :)

 At last, leaves were collected and brought inside.

 Holding up some of their leaves they would be painting with.

 For this craft, I painted the back side of the leaf and then the boys placed the leaf on the paper and "pat-patted" their leaf.

 The result- beautiful leaf print!

 Finn doing his pat-patting

 Finished product for JT

 Finn's piece of art

Very fun fall art project

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