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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Finger Painting Corn

     I've been bit by the Pinterest bug! Since diving into that website several weeks ago, I have discovered how much fun it can be to create things myself and find projects for the kids to create. Yesterday the boys, JT and Finn, created a Fall Corn Finger Painting art work.

First, I traced the shape of corn on the side of the paper they would not be painting on. I didn't want them to feel they had to paint within the lines. I felt this offered more freedom to their little creative side.

 I prepped the table with newspaper and simply used the paint caps for their dipping. Again, just trying to be super simple and it's just the right size for them to hold, dip, and create!

 The boys had the option of using white, brown, red, yellow, and orange. All colors were used as you will soon see.

 Cheesin' it up for photog Mommy

 Finn was very serious about dipping his finger into the paint.

 JT concentrating so hard to get a big dolip of red paint to his paper. 

 Little artists at work

 Tongue sticking out and all! Becoming less of finger prints and more of a finger paint, but that's ok :)

 Though Finn got messy, his creation was more focused with finger prints.

 Pointing out it might be time to clean up! Even got on the chair-LOL!

 Baby wipes are perfect for clean up time

 Clean up, clean up...everybody, everywhere....

 After the paint dried, I cut out the corn shape, along with a green stalk to frame it.


 After nap, I tried to get the boys together to pose with their art. They had enough photos by now- ha ha. Love how they both are holding their corn up, but avoiding eye contact with the camera!

 Finn and his corn

JT and his corn

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