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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

     As Fall is in full swing, we all were looking forward to carving our pumpkins this year. This past weekend, we set up the table, got our tools for scooping, poking, and carving, and let JT have a great nap. Once he woke up, we all went to carve our hearts out.

     We thought JT was going to have a lot of fun with pulling the guts of the pumpkins out. He loves to get messy, has been talking up the pumpkins for weeks, and he's quite adventurous. Well, we were WRONG!

 John did the "Daddy job" of cutting out lids for our Jack O Lanterns

 JT looked pretty excited at seeing the pulp hanging down....

 This shot captures a bit of apprehension over the whole situation now...

 John was a super sweet Daddy and talked to JT about the insides of the pumpkin to JT. He didn't force JT to touch it, but he himself grabbed a handful to show JT it wasn't going to hurt him or be afraid of. JT's response? "No thanks, yuck, gross!" He then climbed down and happily played with cars until we finished.Maybe next year.

 Lindsay and her tall pumpkin

 Courtney chose a shorter, round pumpkin.

 Pumpkin guts!!!!

 Lots of seeds in Lindsay's

 Scoop it out!

 We have used the Pumpkin Master's carving kit for such a long time now. Makes for much "prettier" designs. Lindsay poking her design into her pumpkin.

 Courtney ready with her ghosts.

 The finished trio (John's pumpkin rotted before we carved it and no photos of me because I was not camera ready)
 Lindsay's Witch pumpkin

 Courtney's Duo of Ghosts

My simply adorable smiley pumpkin

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  1. The pumpkins came out great! I totally agree with JT on the insides...YUCKY!!!!

    LOVE the new banner and background! Your girls are getting more beautiful every day...can't believe how fast they are growing up...and JT is such a cutie!

    Love you lots! :)