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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Q-Tip painting

     I can tell that doing art and crafts activities is a success because one day last week when Finn arrived for the day, he told me that he wanted to do some painting. I didn't have anything specific planned, so I thought about what might I do that could be fun for the boys? I decided that it might be fun for them to paint with Q-tips!

     Perfect size for toddler hands, easy clean up, and it could provide for a different painting effect vs. brushes. Another benefit for using the Q-tips- I just placed the caps of the paints out for the boys to dip. Figured there would be less waste/spills and they could dip to their hearts content!

 Double dipping 2 Q-Tips

 Serious artist face

 Having a cheesy good time painting!

 Happy to paint!

Finished results- JT on the left favored green and dots and Finn enjoyed brown and purple and was more swirly with his artwork.

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  1. Love this! Was wondering a cleaner way to finger paint inside this winter =)