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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


     Halloween 2001 was a bit different as it was our first without Sarah and our first time since moving to Tennessee to live in a proper neighborhood to Trick or Treat. We missed Sarah for sure and I imagine she missed seeing her younger siblings all dressed up. We did manage to have a fun evening though :)

 We decided to have a bit of fun and get a Papa Murphy's pumpkin pizza to start the evening off. Cute.

 After we ate, JT was ready for "candy". Here he is waiting patiently while I got the face paint ready. Love his look at John, like,"Come on! Oh man, I have to wait even more!

 We thought our little Frankenstein would look even better with some green face paint. So happy to see JT didn't object to having the paint on his face.

 Almost ready!

 Little Frankenstein!

  JT's expression when he saw the Jack O' Lanterns all lit up for the first time.WOW!

 Yellow Crayon

 Baby/Toddler with footie pajama's, bib, and pacifier.

 The 3 kiddos- JT was watching an approaching trick or treater- ha!

 Ready to hit the houses and collect the sweets!

 JT did really well and understood to say Trick or Treat, followed by Thank You. He never tired out and carried his growing heavier bucket the entire time.

 Courtney having fun!

 Sunshine smile as bright as her color crayon.

JT had a blast. We walked about 1/2 our neighborhood and then I swapped out with John who stayed behind to man the house. JT then stayed home with me to help pass out candy. I discovered that night that JT's favorite candy so far is lollipops. That is the only item he requests or digs around for when he is allowed a treat. I'm sure he will discover how delicious chocolate is before too long.

Happy Halloween!!

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