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Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey feathers

     As Thanksgiving approached, a turkey craft was in order. This craft will be one we can repeat each year and adapt as JT gets older.

 I first traced each boy's hand, going a bit larger to allow for a larger turkey.

 I also pre-cut small and larger feathers.* As skills improve, JT will be able to cut things out himself in the years to come and another idea is to write down what your child is thankful for on each feather.

 Then all that is needed is some glue or paste!

 and a little "pat-pat" as we call it here :)

 The boys had a great time placing their feathers where they liked (I explained not on the thumb since that would be the turkey's face).

 Even though it was a fun craft, it was also a time to reinforce color recognition with the boys. I would ask which color feather they would like next or have them name the color feather they selected. Fun and learning- double bonus!

 JT's turkey

 Finn's turkey

As the glue dried, I added a little beak, gobbler, feet, and eyes. 

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