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Monday, February 27, 2012


     A trait that JT has grown into that make me warm with delight is he loves to cuddle. It wasn't until he was nearing 2, that this switch happened, so I had almost prepared myself for limited cuddle times when we read books.

     These days, JT will gather up a blanket (or two), his Taggie (or two) and walk up to you and declare, "Cuddle you?" He will happily climb into your lap, nestle into the crook of your arm, and as I like to say- "hunker down". Some cuddle sessions are short, while others are long enough to enjoy several books or watch a TV show together. Love moments like this and Courtney captured a perfect shot of our cuddle boy with my phone.

"Cuddle you?" Any takers?

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  1. Me please!!! Me!!! I miss cuddles!!!Luke only cuddles once or twice a year! I <3 cuddles!