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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wild Hair

     As I mentioned in the Diaper Free post, JT receives a small reward prize when he uses the toilet. In the morning, JT is more than ready to get his "prize" and is eager to go to the box. On this particular morning, JT had a major case of bed head.  With his cheesy expression, this photo looks hilarious!

He managed to have a nice smile as well :)
     JT is continuing to do really well with using the bathroom. He will let us know when he has to go and really hasn't had many #1 accidents. Since we started this past weekend, JT has even remained dry during nap and overnight which is great! We are still working hard on #2's with no success so far. However, this time last week I was thinking it would be months until JT was going to be ready to potty train, so I will celebrate his victories instead and know he will master all parts of potty training before too long.

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