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Friday, February 24, 2012


 While I might not be the ultimate organizer, I love when everything has it's place and looks neat and tidy. A far cry from my teenage years, I can now relax more easily when the house is picked up. I just get an "Ahhh" feeling to see less visual clutter.

You might imagine having a 2 year old, along with watching 3 other children during the week, my moments of seeing clutter are frequent. Yes, and that's totally fine and I love seeing all the kids playing and making messes. That's how they learn. It's the aftermath, the nap times, and at night when JT has gone to bed I was looking for some more "peace". John surprised me this week with a solution I have been talking about for some time now and it looks "Ahhh..."!

 Here is a how prior to our solution, most toys were stored downstairs. Items that could fit, were in colorful,hard plastic bins. It worked just fine and held everything well. Lots of cars, books, play tools in this area.

 On the other side of the TV console, there were a few more bins with balls, bowling, and "baby" toys.

Ready for the After???   

 Wonderful cube bliss!!!! This type of storage has been pretty popular for the past few years and the Apedaile's hopped on the train. I love how it looks- neat and tidy.

 A bin for puzzles.

 An area for books and below a cube that has action figures and animals.

The green cubes, two of them, hold most of JT's various cars and trucks.

     By having some different color cube boxes, it has already helped during clean up time. "Lets pick up the cars and put them in the green box!" I can say to JT as we sing the infamous "Clean Up" song.  It helps keep everything organized to find certain toys a bit easier as well. I'm loving my cubes and I also laugh at myself in thinking I get so pleased with such mundane things as organizational items. 

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