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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sarah's Birthday

     This past weekend Sarah came home to celebrate her 19th birthday. It was kind of an unusual birthday in that there wasn't any party with friends and Sarah's boyfriend, Doug, was out of town most of the weekend with an FBLA event. Regardless, we loved having Sarah home for a few days and we wish her a very Happy 19th !!!
 Sarah wasn't sure she would be making the trip home for her birthday, so Aunt Cathy sent her gift to Sarah at Campbellsville. Sarah brought it home to open, but said she loved getting mail at school because she doesn't really get much. ** Hint  hint- we need to send some more cards and notes to her.

Sarah opening Aunt Cathy's gift.

Nanny also sent her gift to Sarah at school as well. Look at the adorable printed envelope she used (Aunt C did too). Such a cheery package to receive in the mail!

Sarah opening Nanny's gift.

While Doug wasn't there for Sarah's birthday, he had a gift that he needed to give Sarah for her birthday. It was a time sensitive gift that we basically had to force Sarah to open without Doug being present. She wanted to wait until Sunday and open when he came home.

Opening Doug's gift. She had to open it because the concert was on Sarah's birthday (Saturday). Doug was so sweet to purchase 3 tickets, for Sarah, Lindsay, and Courtney since he wouldn't be in town to attend the concert with Sarah himself. The headliner of the concert is a band Sarah has loved since the 8th grade, so this was a big surprise.

 For our gift, we couldn't really purchase it without Sarah choosing it first. I took her out to shop for scrubs and shoes for her CNA clinicals. Sarah is a pre-nursing major and one of the prerequisites is to become a licensed CNA nurse. This is a course she is taking above and beyond the 17 units at CU. Her clinicals will be within the next month, so we went shopping for her uniform needs. 

There were so many different top options! Prints and solids for every season and so many different styles and cuts. The photo above shows Sarah had many options heading into the dressing room.

One of the tops she selected. She is starting to look like a grown up to me now ;)

This was one of her favorites. She loved the cinched in waist, the puffy sleeves, and the nice deep pockets in the front that offered style plus function.

We ended up purchasing 3 tops and 3 bottoms and found a great pair of all white tennis shoes that Sarah will be wearing soon for her clinicals.Happy Birthday Sarah, we love you!

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  1. I loved JT saying "WOW" about everything! So cute! And what a thoughtful gift from Doug! :)