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Friday, February 10, 2012

Warm Winter Day

     With this weekend's weather looking particularly cold- high tomorrow is supposed to be 30- I thought today was a perfect day to reflect on the wonderfully warm weather we had last week. I miss it already!

 It was so warm last week, I took JT and Finn outside to play in the afternoon. They didn't even need jackets it was so mild.

 This is what they did for about 45 minutes. Back and forth running with the big trucks.

 JT looking for his buddy Finn to catch up.

 A brief pause to look adorable for Mom.

 I love this shot of the 2 friends playing side by side. Too cute!

Just look at all of this energy these boys have. Simple joys of running in the yard with your toy trucks.

 On the patio, we lifted a large bucket and found several worms. Finn was a brave boy and held one on his hand.

Though our squirmy boy thought the worms were "Cool", this is as close he would get to them. Though we won't be playing outside much in the next several days, I'm looking forward to spring where outside play will be a daily event.

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