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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Love You

      Big delay in making this post, but we were spreading the love to the families I work for last week for Valentine's Day. I wanted to make a little craft that even my "little" little friends could help in. That usually involves a hand or foot print that is a part of something adorable. You've seen some of those posts from Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

     For this craft, I simply traced each child's hand and cut it out. I then folded the middle fingers to create the "I Love You" sign. I had cut out hearts from different colors and arranged it for a cute presentation. I think the parents enjoyed their children's creations.

 Here are the projects from the children I watch, Ella and Mason who just turned 1 this past week and Finn who is nearly 2 and a half. 

 Of course I had to make one for our home too with JT :)

JT wanted to send his kisses and love to all of our blog readers. This is how he puckers up-fish lips! Don't know why he does it this way, but one of the simple joys of being his Mom is to see this every day.

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