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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Freshman Registration

     Check out who is now the latest Apedaile to be officially registered for her freshman year of high school!

 Miss Lindsay registered last night for her freshman year. She and I went and discussed her options and what her current teachers have recommended and made her choices.

 Excuse the rotated photo- wouldn't let me flip it for some reason. This is the paper Lindsay's current teachers recommended for her to take next year, along with her current grade and a score of work ethic to help make our choice. In the 3 classes- English, Math, and Science- Lindsay has all A's and earned "5's" for her work ethic, which is the highest score.

Here is the class courses we selected for Lindsay's freshman year. We ended up selecting English "standard" and not honors because it's not Lindsay's favorite subject and to be perfectly honest, we discovered that at least at Sarah's university their scholarships are offered strictly on GPA with no additional weight/consideration given for those who were in honors/AP classes. That really stinks, but we are trying to learn from that point and consider if an honors/AP course is worth it knowing the likelihood that the grade will be lower as compared to a standard class.
On that note, we chose honors classes for Algebra 1(which Lindsay is already taking in 8th grade), Physical Science, and World Geography. At this point in her life, Lindsay is considering going into orthodontics/dentistry so these subjects she excels in and interested in, so honors is what we decided to select. She will have Wellness, a mandatory 9th grade course and for her electives she chose, Family Consumer Science, Financial Planning, with Computer Applications, Keyboarding, and Intro to Health Sciences as her backups. She also will be taking her fine arts requirement in Theatre1 to round out her course selections.

     We are all very excited for Lindsay starting high school in just 6 short months. Looking forward to what the next chapter of school life holds for her. Go Bucs!!!!

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