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Thursday, October 6, 2011

College Update

     As Sarah is nearing the halfway point of her first semester, I thought I'd give a little update on a few things that Sarah is involved in.

     First being classes- the main reason why she's at college :) Sarah is carrying 15 units this semester- pretty big load, but she chose wisely and she has a few more challenging courses along with some easier classes that are required. Last week, Sarah sent the photo below showing her current grade in her computer concepts class. I'd say she's doing pretty well.....

     Yes,  you are seeing correctly- that is 130% she has in that class!!! In that course, the students had to purchase software along with their book. The software has this tutorial program that they have the option of using. If the student uses the program, they receive extra credit and as Sarah explained, it just reinforces what the professor is teaching which is an added bonus. Clearly, the program use is paying off for Sarah!

     Also last week Sarah had her first major exam in college. It was for her Old Testament class. We Skyped a few times leading up to the exam as she "taught" me the information she was reviewing. The test sounded challenging in there was just fill in the blank, matching, and some maps to complete. No multiple choice or essays. You really had to know your information. Sarah studied hard, like she has for many years now in preparation. She found out the next day that she earned a 95% on that exam!!! I was so excited for Sarah that her hard work paid off!

     Sarah is doing equally well in her other courses and I pray that her grades continue to hold steady and she finishes her first semester.

     I also wanted  share another aspect of Sarah's college life that I was unfamiliar with as she headed to Campbellsville, but I am really impressed by. It's called First Class. It's a mandatory class that every incoming freshman has to take their first year at CU. In essence what it is, a Small Group of freshman(20 or so I believe) are assigned to a group and a fellow CU faculty member leads this group in discussions, assignments, and community service projects. Practical life/career skills are discussed, Christian values emphasized, and every week the entire freshman class attends a worship service together on campus.

     On Tuesday this week, Sarah sent me a good morning text, like she typically does, and let me know her grand plan for the day. Usually each day has a mixture of classes, work a few hours at her job, bowling practice everyday, and sometimes additional workouts for bowling. She's a busy young lady! Back to Tuesday- Sarah texted me saying "No Classes today because it's Repair Affair Day!" I thought maybe it was a day for students to get caught up on work or address poor grades/struggles with their counselor/professors. So I asked her, what that meant and Sarah explained that for those in First Class, all of their classes were cancelled for the day and their Small Groups were going to work in the community. Pretty cool, I thought helping these students give back to the community that is shaping them into hopefully well rounded adults.

     Sarah wasn't sure what their assignment was going to be, but they would be working from 8-3/4pm. She was very excited for the project and promised to send me a picture of what her group worked on. Later that evening, Sarah sent me this photo...

     Her group made this entire deck and stairs!!! I haven't had a chance to speak with Sarah because she is such a busy body, but I'm looking forward to hearing the story behind this project. I just feel so blessed that Sarah is attending Campbellsville and not only learning about academics, but also about being a contributing, giving individual to her community.

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