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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


      Have you heard about Pinterest? If you are anything like me, you might have heard all the buzz from your girlfriends about this site. I must admit, I held off for a few months in joining the latest craze. I thought it wasn't for me. You see, a lot of the women who were "pinterest happy" were my super talented, crafty, Martha Stuart inspired friends. That is about the furthest thing away from how I would describe myself.

     However, recently I started seeing some of my friends start posting photos of some of their completed Pinterest projects on Facebook and saying how fun it was. What I saw looked like something I would like to have in my home, so I drank the Pinterest water and joined.

     Just to clarify, Pinterest isn't an all "crafty site". No doubt there is a lot of inspiration on there for projects that you can make, but there are recipies, style photos, photos of places you've been (or like to visit someday), and ideas for hair and make-up just to name a few but the possibilities are endless!

     Ok, Victoria so what is Pinterest? In a nutshell its a site where you have boards in which you "pin"(much like a bookmark) an item that you like/want to do/idea for something in the future. You can have several boards so all similar items are grouped together- it's very custom to each person. In addition to finding things yourself, you can follow friends and then go and look at all of their boards and "repin" something they have that you like as well. So if you have a friend that is extra talented at making great food, go to their board and look at their recipe board to get inspired.

 Here is a shot showing what I might see when I first log into Pinterest. Many different types of things that people have been pinning. Looks like a busy morning for recipes.

 Here is a shot of my home board. As you can see, I have 10 boards at the moment.

Inside one of my boards, Christmas Time is Near. I have started pinning items that I would like to perhaps make/create for the upcoming Christmas season. Some are things for me to do, others are art work that I will do with the kids, and a few holiday specific recipes.

     So far, I have completed 1 craft project (Yes me!) and a few fall art projects with the little one's. I am hooked! If you are looking for something to inspire you to make and create, find someone who can invite you to pinterest. For some reason, you have to be invited by email, from a "member". Let me know if you'd like an invite from me. Happy Pinning!!!

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