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Friday, October 14, 2011

Disney On Ice

     Last weekend we surprised the kids by taking them to see Disney on Ice. John purchased the tickets through his work as he was able to secure some great tickets at a pretty great discount. We didn't tell the kids what we were doing until we were inside Bridgestone Arena and they saw several little girls dressed up as their favorite Disney princess. They were all excited as was I! I just love Disney anything- the memories are something that stick with you forever when you visit a Disney park. Being able to live that wonder and enjoyment through my children is like reliving a part of my childhood :) So Disney on Ice was just a small sliver of what we hope to share with the kids when we are able to go to a Disney Park.

 Our great seats! Center ice, about 8 rows up.

 3 Disney Fans

 Mommy and JT- wearing his Mouse Ears crown

 The host of the show- Mickey Mouse!!! By far one of JT's favorites. When Mickey would leave the ice, JT would ask me, "Where'd Mickey go?"

     There were so many different characters and movies represented in the 2 hour performance. Here are some highlights (as my camera batteries died and my phone didn't do nearly as well in the dark arena).

 Donald pulling Chip and Dale on the Zamboni


This what JT did most of the show- clap enthusiastically and shout Yay!


 Finding Nemo

 Beauty and the Beast

 Daddy and JT enjoying the show together


 It's a Small World

 During a few musical numbers there were bubbles and foam snow that fell on the audience.  Loved seeing JT squeal in delight and reach up to grab the falling bubbles.

 A bit hard to see here, but this is all of the major princess/princes doing a number together. Here the princes locked arms in a circle while the princesses sat on their locked arms! They then skated in a circle while facing backward. Very talented skaters on this tour.

 The Apedaile Princesses

Prince John Thomas

When the show was over and we were waving goodbye to our Disney friends, this was the face JT had. Totally worth every penny. We all had a Magical time.

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