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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hand print Fall Tree

     Since I'm discovering my hidden craftiness, I had some fun creating some fall art with the kids. It was a simple fall tree using a hand print, fingers, and some paint to create an adorable piece of work.

 I started out helping to paint the boys hands brown.

 Press it down to get the top of the tree

 After the top of the tree was on the paper, all I did was paint with the brush to create the trunk.

  Time to make the leaves! The boys dipped their fingers into red, orange, and yellow to create the falling leaves.

 The boys had a great time dipping and dotting their leaves.

 JT had a lot of fun doing this part!

 Since Lindsay and Courtney were home on Fall break, they decided to make their own tree as well

The finished products!!!

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