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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Da Middles

     Recently, the kids were sent a fun package from their Aunt Cathy containing goodies for the family to enjoy. In the package was a new product I had not heard about- Da Middles. It's a cupcake mix that you bake, except there is a fun surprise in the middle- frosting filling! Yum!!!

     The girls knew they wanted to bake these during their Fall Break, so yesterday they made their treat! To make the cupcakes, it wasn't any more challenging than most cupcakes. They have a special little bag that contains the filling that you squeeze a bit into the center of the batter after filling the cupcake liner about a 1/3 of the way first, then spoon on some more batter on top of the filling.  The girls were excited to finally try their creation in the evening.

 Here is their finished product! Creamy yumminess. Reminds me of Hostess Cupcakes.

 Courtney excited to eat her Da Middle

 Lindsay ready for her first bite

 The girls had a bit of fun doing self portraits as I was putting JT down to bed when they took the photos

Both girls said the cupcakes were very moist and tasty. Thanks so much Aunt Cathy for the Fall Break Fun!

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