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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shark Attack

     In Lindsay's Literature class, they are required to read 2 books and submit reports each 9 week grading period. The teacher has certain specific criteria for the books and they types of reports the students are responsible for. For this 9 week period, Lindsay had to read a biography and create a report that took an aspect from the book and expanded on that topic. How it was presented also had to represent the topic she was discussing. To top it off, each student had to present orally to the class their project.

     Lindsay chose to read Soul Surfer, the story of an outstanding teen surfer that was attacked by a great white shark and ended up losing a limb as result. Lindsay decided to expand her research on shark attacks for her presentation. She looked up many different aspects to shark attacks- prevention, locations of attacks, top 10 types of sharks that attack, among a few other facts.

     Lindsay they typed up her information and then drew a shark on poster board free handed for her display. I was quite impressed with her creativity and skill in drawing the shark. She outlined the shark in Sharpie and glued all of the facts on her board. Here are a few pictures of the finished product.

 When Sharks Attack!

Lindsay and her creation. She earned a 98% on this project- excellent work Lindsay!

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