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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Honeysuckle Hill Farm

     A few weeks ago we headed out to the farm- Honeysuckle Hill Farm. Thanks to Groupon, we scored 1/2 price admission for the family. We had not been before, but had heard some great reviews from our friends. It was a wonderful cool fall day and JT was so excited to go to the Pun-kin Patch as he called it.

     There were several things to do at the farm. In fact, we didn't get to all of them despite visiting there for 4 hours! Get ready for a photo filled blog post highlighting our fun.

 We started off at the corn pit. Basically a huge container filled with corn kernels, like a ball pit. JT wasn't impressed and wanted to leave after making a lap around the container.

 Lindsay on the other hand, loved it! She was sad when JT wanted to leave.

 The smaller retail area where you could purchase larger pumpkins, flowers, and food items(like jams). JT loved the BIG PUN-KINS.

 These were the stunning yellow mums that just screamed "buy me". However, knowing my black thumb, I spared these beauties and took a picture instead.

 Kiddie Corn Maze. Super easy and kid friendly.

 This area was by far JT's favorite- the big tires. It was in the central area where a lot of attractions were, so it was in his line of sight most of the time. 

 Climbing, climbing... up, up, up...

 King of the Tire Mountain!!!!

 Next, we went on the pumpkin train ride.

 Courtney and Lindsay in their private car.

 JT handing his train ticket over.

 Happy passenger!

 This was my favorite activity at the farm- adult size pedal 4 wheeler. JT was able to ride on my lap and it was a ton of fun for the both of us!

 Go, go,go Momma!!!

 While JT and I rode around the track, the girls went on the Corn Popper.

 It's a huge "pillow" of air to jump on. It's built into the ground, so it looks really neat in person.

 Farmer JT getting ready to plow the fields.

 After we had lunch, JT discovered the farm had one of his loves- trucks! There were a couple dozen huge Tonka trucks to play with in an enclosed dirt area. 

 JT just doesn't appreciate the human face in animal cutouts yet :)

 We then headed here- the big 7 acre corn maze!

 This year, JT walked the maze. At first he kept saying "Wow, big corn!"

 He soon discovered an ear of corn laying on the path.

 Of course he had to take a bite of it! JT determined that raw corn is not yummy.

 We made time for another round of racing for JT and I.

 This time, JT helped steer in heavy traffic. 

 Lindsay and Courtney racing away.

 Neck and neck heading into the corner!

 At the end of the day we picked out our free little pumpkins. JT had more fun running among the pumpkins than choosing.

 So many to choose from!

Lindsay with her orange and green pumpkin!

     As you can see, we had a great time! JT was fast asleep within 10 minutes of returning to the van. We are planning on returning next year for more fall fun at the farm!.

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