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Friday, July 27, 2012

Balance and Lift

     JT is really loving his balance bike and quickly mastering how to move and balance. It's been amazing to see just how fast his body is learning how to balance and how he challenges himself to balance for longer periods of time and in different places- like down a hill or just on a flat surface. He hasn't even had his bike a month and JT is already lifting his feet when going down hills and last night he lifted his feet after he "pedaled" for a few feet. Proud Mommy moment!

 Most evenings, JT will ask, "Go for a bike ride?" How can you turn down this cuteness?

 During our walk/ride, we found an abandoned birds nest. JT was fascinated with the nest and wanted to know where the bird who lived there was. He must have been looking for the bird instead of looking at the camera ;)

 Lifting his feet when crossing the street!

 Starting to head down a little hill- JT's favorite time to lift up. He rarely crashes- more so just turns into the grass. We still have to work on steering, keeping our eyes on the road (as opposed to cars passing or older children playing), but 1 victory at a time.

It is HOT and HUMID! This makes for one happy, yet sweaty boy at the end of his ride.

JT in action- his speed is really picking up as well.

Going down a hill and lifting his feet.

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