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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Taped off art

     In looking at Pinterest, I have seen several cool looking craft projects involving taping off designs on a canvas, painting it, and resulting in a very creative art piece. I decided to take that concept and modify it for art time with the boys.    

 Since I don't have canvases laying around, I decided to use some printing paper and painters tape. I thought it would be really neat to make each of the boys names.

 Since this art time was going to use paints, I took the boys shirts off and let them have at it.

 I found it interesting that without any prompting, each boy wanted to first paint right over their names/tape. Maybe all of the little "lessons" on letter tracing are really paying off!

 Posing for a quick shot for Mom.

 Finn chose purple and a teal blue paint for his creation.

 JT selected red and blue for his piece of art.

 Very focused on their work.

 Duel brush strokes for Finn while JT appears to be moving at warp speed.

 All finished with their names!

 They were having so much fun, I made 2 more taped papers of lines for them to paint.

 JT must be focused with his tongue sticking out.

 Finn was loving using black and yellow for this piece of art.

 Ready to dry!

After a few hours, I removed the tape and this is the final result. I think they turned out great and each of the boys loved their creations.

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  1. I can't tell you how excited Finn gets to show me is artwork. Thank you so much for doing this with the boys and for posting!