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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Out like a light

     The past week or so, I've been battling something I fear is about to become a reality- the loss of JT's nap.  More and more frequently, JT is not napping when I put him down in the afternoon. Sometimes he will lay on his bed and read books quietly and other times he makes a huge mess in his room with clothes, books, and the few toys we keep in his room.

     I'm still not quite convinced that nap time is over because JT has been on the summer schedule with later bedtimes and sleeping in a bit. I'm thinking come August, when school is back in gear and the early rising of everyone, JT might think an afternoon snooze is a good idea.

     In the meantime, JT has been going to bed very easily at night and usually falls asleep quickly since he is so tired. Last night I found JT in the most adorable position when I checked on him.

It looks like reading Goodnight Moon did the trick! JT was out cold with his book opened midway on his chest. It's almost 7:30 am here as I type this and JT is still soundly sleeping. I'll be sure to update the nap status next month after the girls return to school.

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