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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crazy Sprinkler

     It's the dogs days of summer- Hot and Humid! The past few weeks it felt like we were back in Fresno with record breaking heat around 110 and low humidity. Finally, that heat snapped, but in it's place good 'ol southern humidity stepped in. Not a fan of either, but all we can do is deal with it and thank God for air conditioning.

     We also found another way to cool off- a crazy, fun sprinkler for the kids. It's an inflatable tower with several soft noddles that feed off it. The little noodles wiggle about and spray water everywhere! I'm sure our crispy, dry lawn appreciated the new sprinkler as well.

 Of course JT had to try out the sprinkler with his outdoor dump truck.

 The water sprays were pretty intense at first and the kids would just quickly run through them. 

 JT ran on the perimeter at first.

 Then he picked up speed and moved in closer.

 Leaping in the air! Dump truck never far away.

 My clever boy figured out how to protect his eyes from the spray.

He also told Lindsay about his trick. Not many more photos besides these because John and I decided to join the kids and cool off. It was fun and felt so good to be cool outside for a while.

Some video of the fun.

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