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Monday, July 30, 2012

Surprises big and small

     This summer John has been doing quite a bit of travelling for work. In fact, this week is John's first full week without any travel since mid May. Thankfully, we has always been able to come home on the weekends.

     Last week, John surprised us though by returning home a full day early! The girls and I were taking JT on his evening bike ride and one the final stretch heading back home. While we were chatting with some of the neighborhood kids, I noticed a SUV starting to slow down and approach where we were standing (John had a rental car which I had not seen). I thought it was a neighbor who was pulling into their driveway so I started to have JT move out of the way for the car. Then I thought the driver looked a bit like John and low and behold it WAS John! It was such a wonderful surprise for all of us! JT showed off his super bike skills to John as we headed back home.

     Then as John was starting to unpack his luggage, he brought out a 2nd surprise for me- white roses! So I scored flowers and an early return of my husband. Such a treat! I think John is a keeper.

 My pretty roses

 Closed buds

Opening up a bit and still a beautiful site this morning 4 days later.

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