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Monday, July 9, 2012

First Bicycle

     We bought JT his first bike! It's like no other bike that we have purchased before- it's a balance bike. It is designed for toddlers/preschoolers as a "pre-bike". Essentially, it it designed to fit their little bodies and it is lacking what most bikes have- pedals! There is evidence to suggest by starting out on a balance bike, children will gain a better awareness of balance and easily go from their balance bikes to a 2 wheeler quite easily. Sounds exciting to us!

 JT on his new Strider bike. We decided to go with one of the larger name brands after several friends suggested Strider to us.

 Might be hard to tell here, but I somehow managed to find a Monster Truck Strider bike! There are several additional decals that we can change to other Monster Truck trucks, such as Grave Digger.

 Safety first! JT selected this Spider Man helmet to protect his noggin.

 We decided to let JT try out his bike on the back lawn.

 He got the hang of it pretty quick, though slow.

 Right now since JT is just starting out, it will be more of walking/slow jog type pace as he starts to get a feel for the bike and find his balance.

 JT has LOVED his bike so much this week!

 After the yard, we ventured out for a short walk in the neighborhood on the sidewalk.

JT even managed to learn how to pop a wheelie on his first day! Can't wait to see his progress!

Eventually, JT will look more like some of these children featured on the videos found in the link above.

First Ride in the Backyard.

First Ride in the neighborhood. 

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