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Friday, September 24, 2010

15 Month Checkup

Today JT went for his 15 month well check- aka shot visit. JT did all of the routine things like getting down to his diaper for measuring, weighing and the once over by our wonderful pediatrician Dr. Holzen.

Here are JT's stats: Height 32.5 inches tall, Weight 27.6 pounds, and Head circumference 19.5. On the growth curve, JT was 85% in both height and weight, and 95% for his head. I think JT is going to be a big headed boy (all the better to hold that super smart brain in I say).

While we waited for Dr. Holzen to come in, JT kept plenty busy in the small room.

Trying to open the Dr.'s drawers...#1 nope
Drawers 2 &3.. They were locked as well.
Top drawer...Ding, ding, ding!!! Success!!!
What a big boy I am...grabbing everything off the exam table
Yep, JT even climbs at the Dr's

After JT was determined to be a very healthy, active toddler it was time for the dreaded shot time. JT had 3 regularly scheduled shots along with 1 flu shot. On top of the 4 shots, we discussed doing an allergy test on JT since he has shown he is allergic to peanut butter. So that meant a blood draw before the shots. :( I think JT did especially well for having to lay still and have his arm with the little elastic band squeezing his arm for a good 3-5 minutes as they found his little vein and drew almost a full vial of blood.  We should get the results sometime next week. Praying that there isn't anything else he is allergic to.

JT did so well with the blood draw until they removed the elastic band- I had kept him distracted with his "Pet the Animals" app on my phone- then JT totally lost it, lots of tears, poor little guy. Then we had to hold him down for another few moments to administer the 4 shots. Then I was able to comfort JT and calm him down before we left. However, the weakness in me did cause me to offer JT a Dum-Dum lollipop that was by the exit of the office. I think a little lollipop helped sooth JT's 5 pokes.

Poor little man- you can still see the teary eyes....
When we got home, JT was his usual self- playing, smiling, and making messes. He was hungry a bit earlier so I served him some leftover ravioli lasagna and he gobbled it up. Then, just like yesterday, he was OUT HARD- sleeping. I knew I had to clean him up because he was very "saucy". So I got a damp washcloth and surprisingly JT did not budge ONE BIT!!! Then I noticed when I picked him up his diaper was soggy (of course) so I laid him down to change and once again, did not move a single bit. I think his busy morning of pokes, crying, and appointments wore him out! He's still sound asleep- that's how I'm able to type this now and avoid doing some housework :)
Hard morning! Holding his sippy and toy. Full belly and time to sleep.

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