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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Homecoming Week

Last week, Beech High School had their Homecoming. During the week, the students had special dress up days, the class float they built, and of course the football game!

Sarah was ready to celebrate her Senior Year by getting involved in all the activities. Here are some highlights from her week.

Retro Day- Sarah chose what she said was '80/'90's inspired shorts and Horse Shirt
Twin Day with BF Ariel!
More Twin Friends
Worked on the Float all week long.Well visited with friends all week :)
Prepping Hands for the float back with Delaney and Ali
Paige working on the back- this is where all the Seniors put their hand print
Close-up of Sarah's Hand
The finished result- Seniors took first place for their float!
This is a special outfit reserved for seniors. Orange Dickie shorts for both boys and girls. Then Sr. girls order Football jerseys to wear on game days.
We were bit of rebels because "tradition" is to order a random #/name of a senior boy on the team. Sarah didn't really like that and neither did we. So we special ordered with no problems.
The result: Sarah's last name and her favorite # 13. I think this makes much more sense than some other  boy's last name and # on her jersey.  Better lasting memories and not having to explain to her kids why she had so & so's name on her back instead of Apedaile :)
Color Wars day- Seniors wore Black. Here with Scarlett.
Game time! Buc's dominated!!! They won 40-3!
Friends cheering on their team!
Even Lindsay got to go to the game with her Big Sis!
Ended the week with a bonfire- to burn the float. Another Beech tradition.

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