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Monday, September 27, 2010

Future Hilltopper???

Who or what is a hilltopper and why is it in someone's future you may ask? For those of you not in the Nashville area, a Hilltopper is someone who is associated with Western Kentucky University-WKU. A little over a week ago, Sarah and I went to WKU's fall preview day.

WKU is in Bowling Green, Kentucky which is about a 45 minute drive north of where we live. We have several close friends who are alum of the university as well as Sarah's boyfriend's dad teaches there. The university has been given many high remarks from all of these people.

WKU's mascot, Big Red

This was official tour #2 of probably about 7. Campbellsville was a small campus and WKU is a large one, with about 20,000 in attendance. However, Bowling Green isn't a huge community considering the attendance with about 60,000 to it's population. Bowling Green does offer something unique to the area. It boasts the 2nd highest number of restaurant's per capita of the entire nation!!! I think they said Bowling Green has about 300 restaurants in the city!!! So if Sarah attends WKU in the fall, we shall never have to eat at the same place twice or have to ask, "Where should we go out to eat?"

Sarah and I had a great time at the fall preview. We attended a couple of discussion meetings about college life, abroad studies- something that greatly interests Sarah, and the all important financial aid :) We also had a personal tour of the campus, the dorms, and went to an open house of all of the different departments of WKU.

 Sarah on top of a hill on campus- She declared she had become a hilltopper :p

 Took this pic for my Mom, knew she would love the huge hanging planter in the trees
 Sarah like the architecture of this building

The campus was beautiful and they appear to be focused on getting modern technology in all of the buildings, with several brand new school buildings and an education building slated to open in the spring. Their building that houses the recreational facilities, like exercise equipment is wonderful. 9 basketball courts, tons of cardio machines with individual TV's with cable, indoor pool,etc.

 New Education building opening in  Spring '11
 Some of the basketball courts available to the students
 Indoor pool
 Cardio and weight equipment
 Dorm room- pretty typical
The only downside of the tour was the unseasonably HOT day!!! It was about 94 degrees for the high, so that made for an unpleasant day in some parts. We decided to hit up Sonic on the way home, since it was happy hour and enjoy an ice cold smoothie.

Cooling off in the shade
 The walking woman statue Sarah had fun imitating

Also found relief inside the chapel. Simple but beautiful.

While these tour days make little time for a relaxing weekend for the family, we are enjoying this special time with Sarah as this is probably her last full year with us at home. We continue to pray that God will open the gates wide to make it apparent which university is best for Sarah's future.

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