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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Little Sneak

JT is up to it again- breaking into the cabinets despite baby locks. The locks that we currently have actually work quite well. However, our little lock cracker knows that if he pulls outward on the plastic strips over a long period of time, the lock weakens and he is able to get the lock to open. This takes several weeks of effort,but for JT it is well worth the hard work.

Usually, I am able to hear when he has broken into the cabinets and if I call out his name, he tries to hide inside like he's doing nothing. When I go to peak on him, he will just be sitting there among the food and smile up at me like he's just hanging out doing nothing wrong.

Tonight, I herd him rummaging around again and I was able to get a video of our little sneaky lock breaker. I thought it was quite funny. I hope you do too.

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