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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Never too big to have fun

JT seems to be growing more and more each day. He doesn't realize how much larger his little body is getting or he really doesn't care as long he continues to do the things he loves doing. One of those activities is playing in his exersaucer. This has been a long favorite toy/activity of JT's for nearly a year now. He really is far too big to be playing in it anymore. This is information he refuses to believe.

I still have the exersaucer out most days for the enjoyment of one of the little girls I care for during the week. She, like JT, has a great time playing in this toy. I think JT seeing her in this toy reminds him of how much fun he used to have in it before he was running about the house.

Now our little guy successfully can climb up and into this exersaucer himself. It is quite comical to see though I don't encourage him to do so and now place the toy in his room so he doesn't have many opportunities to play with it.

Doing what every good Mom does when baby is climbing- take a photo!
See, I knew JT was safe! Getting ready to enter the seat.
Another time when he crawled in- look how big he is inside it now!
Ahhh feels so good on tender gums where teeth are coming in.
Taking a moment to rest and kick back.

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