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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sleeping on the Job

I must admit, I do try to be oh so clever when thinking up of my blog titles. Some are better than others, this might be a bit of a stretch :) What is it that toddlers have to do for their job? I would say a basic list is : play, eat, make messes, poop, and sleep. There are others more sophisticated things like learning to talk, walk, crawl, sharing, manners,etc. :) I'm just going to focus on the basic list for today's post though.

JT was hard core in his working mode this morning. He was making tons of messes, trying to break into every single locked cabinet known to man (see earlier post for that info), climbing on to the side tables near the couch (with Mommy promptly getting him down and trying to "teach" him that tables are not a safe place to sit). In short, he was go, go, go from the time he woke up!

Then it was time for lunch. JT was very hungry signing "eat" and going into the kitchen. I think all of his "work" made for a strong appetite! As JT starts eating his yummy meal, his eyes start to glaze over and a sudden calm came over him... I could see it unfolding before my eyes- yep the boy starts to fall asleep while eating! I love it! So what do I do? I grab my cell phone and promptly hit "record". Precious moment that I'm sure will somehow embarrass him as he gets older.

I had to upload the video in two parts since my phone wouldn't let me email it to myself in it's entirety. Sorry you will have to endue a few moments of repeat performance in the second video. When it first starts, JT is finishing chewing his bite of food- rest assured his mouth was empty when I put him down in his crib :)

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  1. I LOVE this =) He is too precious for words. He had been hard at play, huh?!?