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Thursday, September 2, 2010

15 Months

   Today we mark JT turning 15 months and my how that time has flown by! We have gone through many things as a family since we found out our little man was joining our family, good things and bad. We rejoice that God gave this sweet bundle full of energy to raise and hopefully into a Godly young man one day.

   Since JT is 15 months today, I thought it would be pretty fun to try and capture what this little boy can do all in the span of 15 minutes. I wasn't able to get everything on film because I was trying to video some parts, but forgot to snap some pictures. I assure you, this boy can do a lot in 15 minutes and create a lot of mess!

   First, JT started off playing with his shadow in the kitchen as the morning sun was coming in our back door. This, I tried to video which I did, but once he saw the camera out, he was more interested in the camera than his shadow!

Next, JT moved on to playing with one of his many cars and trucks. One of his very favorite things to play with.

Then it was time to try and snack on Mommy's flip flop. YUCK!!! I was able to grab it before it hit his mouth.

Then it was time to play around on Mommy's chair. He was so excited to find the TV remote. JT tries very hard to get the buttons to work. Luckily for me, the TV wasn't on, so he wasn't successful. He also played around on the chair for a few minutes- like "See Mom, I'm going to pretend like I'm going to dive head first off the chair and then get super excited when you lunge for me."

Following the chair, it was time for a 3 second rest. Holding his Taggie always re energizes JT.

Next, it was on to his Alphabet/Animal Wheel toy. I personally love this toy, you spin it and it makes all kinds of sounds, songs, and letter sounds. Notice the ever present drool. Yep, it wouldn't be JT unless he was drooling. He is currently teething, I believe his last set of teeth until the 2 year molars.

How come black and white photo make everything look more precious? I LOVE black and white pics!

JT finished up his 15 minute round by reading. B things make up some of his favorite things to do: Balls, bats,  and books.

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