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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

18 Months!

Another milestone- 18 months! I can't believe that a year and a half has already passed by since JT entered our world. JT continues to be a blessing just like our girls and provides some much needed boy touches to this girl dominant household :) That means trucks and cars found in every possible place 36 inches and lower, balls- lots of balls, and in general a little guy who loves to run, spin, and jump around!

JT is starting to enter the sometimes trying times of toddler hood- asserting his independence. As he becomes more aware of his world, how it works, and how he can "play" in it, JT does his best to explore anything and everything available to him. It keeps us on our toes for sure. Like you have seen in older posts, this month JT has figured out how to open the dishwasher and oven. He is so quiet about it too, so if he's in the kitchen, we are a step behind to keep his little hands safe. He is also a climbing machine! He climbs anything and everything that is somewhat stable. That can be from furniture to storage containers (to get a better peek into the drawers). Another joy of this stage is when JT doesn't get "his" way, he at times lets out this high pitched scream asserting his displeasure. If it's really upsetting, he throws in an arched back for extra fun. I know that this too shall pass...

At JT's well check he weighed in at 28.8 pounds and measured 34 1/2 inches tall. That puts him in the 80-85% on the growth chart. He is in perfect health according to his Dr.

JT is a bit on the slower side to verbally talk, but we have been assured that this is more common in boys and since JT understands what we say to him (he can follow commands/questions) and he communicates very well with his signing, we know that the verbal words will come soon. JT is starting to say more words and sign even more! Some new verbal words- sock, more, sippy cup, shoe, done, shh(with finger to mouth)....    Here is a partial list of what he is signing now- raccoon, thank you, eat, more, please, milk, rabbit, bear, butterfly, cat, bee, fish, car, tree, water, rain, airplane, hot, hat, flowers, gorilla, monkey, duck, and train. Very animal oriented as that comes from the books we read and user friendly to help him communicate his needs/wants to us. JT can also point out parts of his face and several body parts. Another cute thing he does is many animal sounds- I'll try to record that sometime soon.

Here are some pictures of JT from this past month.

Yogurt is one of JT's favorite snacks.

Playing cars with Nanny. She taught JT how to line up several cars and push them like a train.

Yep, this is the kind of dare devil stuff this boy does everyday!

Waiting at the Dr for his well check. I try to pack a few cars to keep JT occupied when we are out running around.
JT's first time at Lowe's you build it workshop. He loved to hammer anything in site!
This is what JT does when he's trying to hide from us- go in his little "corner" or he covers his eyes up. I can't see you, so you can't see me :)

Being silly at breakfast...

He still sleeps in the most odd positions sometimes!
Reading is still one of his favorite things to do. I discovered JT "reading" Brown Bear one evening and I was able to catch a few seconds on video.

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