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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Concert

   Earlier this week, Courtney had her 1st Winter Concert for band. The band had only about 2-3 weeks of preparation as they had their first concert in mid November. The students did very well and started off the concert. Since John wasn't able to attend, we recorded the songs so he would be able to view them here. He's working in Wisconsin this week.
   I must warn you that the video visual quality isn't the best. I had a "helper" sister record who wants to remain nameless :) She was doing her best to get Courtney, which was basically impossible as she sits in the middle of the band. What you will see is mainly Courtney's head, but just play the video and listen, the audio is great! Another great performance Courtney!

This video is just to demonstrate that Courtney was actually there :) It was the only time we were able to see her.

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