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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Another toy is starting to emerge as a new favorite of JT's- blocks. As he is getting older and his motor skills improve, he has begun to start stacking and balancing blocks both big and small. I love how such simple things as blocks, cars, and books bring such enjoyment and entertainment.

Last night JT brought me a handful of small blocks and began to stack them 4 high. At that point, he would go and bring back one of his plastic animals and attempt to have it be the topper of the tower. Most of the time it didn't work, but one or two times it did and JT had such a look of accomplishment on his face. It was so sweet.

Since he was having a good time and being quite adorable, we moved him to the couch to record. While he continued to have fun, JT became quite goofy as you will see in the videos.

As we are talking about blocks, I must mention what we call Big Blocks. The Big Blocks have been a part of our house since Lindsay was about JT's age- quite a long time. A dear friend, Johnny B- an uncle of sorts to the girls during our Fresno days, bought these for Lindsay. Once we realized what a gem of a toy this was, we purchased another set at the teacher supply store as they were kind of difficult to track down over 10 years ago. The blocks are made of sturdy cardboard and as you can see come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Many, many hours of creative playtime have been spent with these blocks and I imagine for JT as well.

We brought out the Big Blocks and of course they were a big hit! At this point, JT sees the blocks as a means of stacking and promptly knocking them over to start all the cycle once again. Courtney and Lindsay were so sweet to play and make towers as quick as possible for JT to knock down. They even took a few blocks to the face as you will see in the pictures below. Happy tower building!

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