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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Extended Christmas Thanks to Aunt Cathy

     When we thought all was done with the Christmas celebrations, more packages arrived Monday thanks to my Aunt Cathy! Apparently, the presents wanted to celebrate Christmas in Memphis so they arrived here a few days late :)

     Since Aunt Cathy lives back in California, I thought she would appreciate a few pictures of us opening our gifts. Thank you so much Aunt Cathy! You are such a loving, caring individual who gives much of herself for others
Now JT is starting to understand that we unwrap presents. Almost too little too late :)
 We discovered the 1st present was for John and I.
 It was a Pannini Maker! We don't have one and are really looking forward to using it. As you can see JT would like for me to start using it immediately! I'm thinking grilled cheese will never be the same....
 Off for round 2!
 There were individual presents for each child inside one big box...
 John working hard to get through the wrap to get JT started....

 It was a Chuck the Truck tow truck! It makes noise when you bump the bumper and JT love, love, loved it!!!
 Sarah's turn!
 Among the gifts- a nice set of gloves. This makes me happy because Sarah usually wears very thick mittens when driving to school and now not only will she be warm, but she will have a better grip on the steering wheel.
 After JT played with his new truck for a few minutes, he wanted back in on the unwrapping...
 Among Courtney's gifts, a beautiful angel necklace with her birthstone. She is wearing it already!
 JT also assisted Lindsay unwrap.
 Lindsay was the 1st to discover Aunt Cathy had drawn cute things on each box.
 Lindsay is shocked with delight with her awesome toe Santa socks! She wore them last night.
Once again, thank you Aunt Cathy and I hope you enjoyed watching us "open" the presents for you via the blog.

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