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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fish Kisses

     When JT first was able to kiss, he began with the traditional first kiss- slobbery and open mouth. Messy, yet sweet because he was expressing his love for us. In the past few weeks, JT has begun to convert from his open mouthed kisses to puckering. I was so excited  because he is gaining more control of his actions and it makes for a drier goodnight kisses.

     What we were not expecting was how JT was going to pucker. He puckers with Fish Lips! Not sure how he figured it out, but when we ask for kisses, he almost always greets us with his fish lips. It is hilarious to see and I was tickled to finally get it captured on video to share. I hope you are as amused as we are with JT's new pucker.

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