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Monday, December 6, 2010

Birthday Celebration

For Lindsay's 13th birthday celebration (1 week early), we  let the birthday girl choose a restaurant for the family go celebrate her birthday at. Lindsay had many excellent choices that she was debating for several days, but she chose The Old Spaghetti Factory! A great choice, I believe.

So we headed downtown and after some difficulties finding parking that didn't cost an arm and a leg, we found a spot that just charged an arm- ha ha! It was pretty busy when we arrived, so we waited for about 20-30 minutes while the girls had a good time taking pictures in the antique chairs in the lobby area.

 Then we were seated in one of the back rooms and we were ready to eat some of the wonderful bread and garlic butter. Here is the first part of our group...
 Here are the dynamic duo of men who patiently endured dining with 5 women :) I don't think these two had a chance to talk much during the night with us 5 chatter boxes!

 Yes, we told the waitress it was Lindsay's birthday and the entire back room joined us in singing Happy Birthday to her. They placed a candle in the ice cream they serve for dessert. Lindsay was kind of embarrassed with everyone( probably at least 30-40 diners) looking at her but she handled it well and just smiled her beautiful smile.
 Lindsay made her wish! Here's to many, many more celebrations Lindsay!!!

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