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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bulb Wreath

     A few weeks ago, I attempted my largest Pinterest project, a Bulb Wreath. I was very excited for this project and I hoped it would turn out well. I learned a few lessons along the way I will share, but I am so pleased with the final result.

 I purchased most of the ornaments at the $1 store and Hobby Lobby at 50% off. Look for ornaments of all sizes, colors of your choice, and textures if you like variety. Lesson 1- This wreath needed SO many ornaments!!! This was my first purchase and I would say to double what you see here- easily. Towards the end of the project you need small ornaments to fill in the gaps and that's where Hobby Lobby had what I needed.

 Hot glue gun is all you need to secure the ornaments to the wreath

 Styrofoam wreath in the size of choice. I think I chose the 9 inch, what I would call a standard size for a front door. 2nd Lesson- On Pinterest I pinned a suggestion to use plumbers foam for wreath projects to save $ (.99 compared to $6/7 for Styrofoam) I quickly discovered that the hot glue basically melted the foam and the ornaments didn't stick :( I used a 40% off coupon at Michael's to get my Styrofoam wreath for about $4.50.

 You start out gluing the largest ornaments first and work your way down, filling in the spaces with smaller and smaller ornaments. I failed at taking photos as I progressed, so use your imagination :)
The project was completed over 2-3 weekends and I would guess about 4-5 hours in all. 

 I had my own little photog Courtney taking some pics as we neared completion. She was experimenting using different settings.

 Lindsay was my little helper from start to finish. It was nice to have another set of eyes looking out for the details.

 Wreath makers!

 Courtney and Sarah did join us and we all listened to Christmas music and had some girl time.

 Nearing the end!

 The completed project- I love it!

I love the bright colors and cheeriness that this wreath brings to our front door.

If any of you were interested in completing this project, here is the link to the site I based my wreath from-

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