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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ornament Traditions

     Christmas is a time where many family traditions take place. One of ours, in which my parents started with me and I carried on, is to choose a new ornament every year. We let each child choose an ornament of choice- they typically reflect their interest or something they really enjoyed at that age. Once the kids grow up, move away, and start their own families, we will give "their" ornaments to them to start out their collection.

     It's always so fun to unwrap the ornaments each year. We can look back and remember when it was bought, how someone used to "love" Barney, Dora, or a particular sport. This is one of my favorite traditions for our family and I hope our children will continue it with theirs.

 Courtney chose a volleyball player

 Sarah selected "All Star Bowler"

 Lindsay also chose the volleyball player- only 1 style in that sport.

 I chose a pretty clear glass ball with frosted white leaves/plant impression

 JT chose what else? A truck! 

 As soon as he laid eyes on this ornament, JT knew it was "the one". You can see how happy he is with his choice.

We let him hang it on himself, though it was moved to higher ground later on as it's breakable.

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  1. Love this tradition and everyone's choices! Where's Dad's choice? Was it Gold and Blue for the Fighting Irish colors? :)