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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Sugar Cookies

      On the Eve of Christmas Eve the kids and I made cut-out sugar cookies. This has become another one of our holiday traditions at the Apedaile house that is enjoyed by all.

 Our cookie cutter choices (though I scored a great 12 piece set yesterday at an after Christmas sale for next year)

 Lindsay and Sarah starting on the cookie mix

 Poor Courtney was wiped out from a big sleepover the night before with some girlfriends. She had stayed up until 4-5am, so she was ready for some much needed rest.

 Even I got in on the mixing a bit.

 Rolling out the dough

 Christmas Tree!

 Sarah worked the opposite side of the island for her cookies


 After a while, JT wanted to join in the fun.

 He had a great time

 He even enjoyed a bite or two of his cutouts ;)

 JT then had a ball helping roll out the dough.

 I was impressed with how patient JT was in helping. He was careful to help roll and choose his cookies and waited his turn to do everything.

 Lindsay and JT rolling out some cookie dough.

 After a while, it got a bit messy..

 Flour face

 JT's turn to work with Sarah

 JT had flour everywhere!

A little video of JT having fun making cookies

 Showing off their flour mess

 Sister Flour Power

 The result of letting a 2 1/2 year old help with making cookies- a floor in need of a good sweep/cleaning!

The result- a ton of cookies ready to decorate!

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