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Monday, December 26, 2011

Nap Strike

     In the few days leading up to Christmas, JT had a bit of a nap strike. He was really getting excited about the Big Day and kept talking about presents and Santa. I know his sisters helped in fueling the excitement, but it was fun to see JT beginning to understand some of the holiday fun.

     On day 1 of the strike, JT was put down as usual and before long, I could hear his pitter-patter in his room downstairs. I attempted a few times to get him back down, but after an hour and a half, I threw in the towel and let him get up. This is the site I was greeted with upon his release.

 Books, toys, and stuffed animals were everywhere!

 Quite pleased with himself.

At least he was looking at some books.

     Later on, both he and I returned to his room to clean up. It wasn't as bad as it might look in the photos- maybe 10-15 minutes to clean up his room. I am happy to report today he returned to nap time as usual :)

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