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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas with Nanny

     JT was pleased to see yesterday when he got up from his nap to see more presents had arrived! The poor boy is coming to grips that presents are not the new daily thing- ha ha! He is still talking about opening presents. He will gain perspective in age, I pray, that it's not all about getting presents.

     I know my Mom was equally happy to hear that our package arrived on the 27th as she had mailed them from California on the 14th! she could have walked it here herself faster I suspect-LOL! It was nice to have an extended Christmas courtesy of my Mom.

JT ready to dive in!

Thomas!!! I love how JT announced at the end "It's Lindsay's turn now!"

 Up next, Lindsay!

Modeling her new shirt

 Courtney was next to open

Gel eyeliner! Mom and I hadn't heard about this product until our makeup expert,Courtney, taught us about it. Toward the end, you will be able to see JT talking about having hiccups and then faking them. Hiccups(his or ours) are some of his favorite things, he cracks up every time.

 Sarah's turn

Nanny proved to be a bit sneaky by using a brownie box to disguise her gift.

Water for Elephants DVD!

 My Turn!

I LOVE my new slippers! All of the girls declared they are quite fashionable for slippers and look like little furry boots. Loving wearing them around the house. Thanks Mom!

     John has a present to open, but since he is working out of town, he will open it when he returns. Thank you Mom for thinking of all of us and sending us such lovely presents. We love and miss you so much.

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