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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving- The Feast

     Thanksgiving was a meal the entire family was looking forward to. Sarah  for some good home cooking. Lindsay for the homemade mashed potatoes, Courtney for the ham, and JT who gained appreciation of black olives and how they must be worn on the thumbs for proper eating. It was delicious and enjoyed by all.

 John glazing our sugar cured ham from Cracker Barrell

 Look at these beautiful cranberries! I decided to try a recipe from Pinterest (where else?) using fresh cranberries. Very simple using orange juice, sugar (brown and white). Warm everything up on the stove. I loved hearing the cranberries "pop" as they heated up.

 This was the result- it was a great twist and good change from the ol' cranberry jelly roll in a can.

 Mashed potatoes- lots of them!

 Another great Pinterest find- fresh green beans (my fav), wrapped in bacon and then basted/cooked in the oven with a mixture of brown sugar, butter, soy sauce, and garlic(minced or salt).

 The final presentation! Added some stuffing and Sister Schubert yeast rolls.

 John with the family. Loved having Doug join us in celebrating.

 My turn with the kids and still sporting my apron :) Where is JT you ask?

 This is how JT spent his time while we ate our Thanksgiving meal. He decided it was the perfect day to nap for 3.5 hours.

 JT had his own special seating for his meal.

 Not only did JT enjoy eating the ham, his cars served as on deck spots for bites.

The meal was so delicious that it made Courtney's hair stand on end, and the kids have the overwhelming need to clean the dishes- ha ha! *Hair courtesy of placing a water bottle on the top of her head and making a ponytail over it.

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