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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hand print Christmas Trees

     Time for some Christmas crafts- Hand print Trees! For this craft, I started off with a larger sized tree/triangle white piece of construction paper, green paint, and lots of newspaper to cover the table.

 Simply paint the hand and place it so the fingers face the outer edge of the tree, making for a needle like effect.

 Unless you are a 2 year old, you just use the random needle effect for your tree :)

 Finn preferred the 2 handed approach...

 After the trees are formed, you can decorate the tree with fingerprint dots.

 Thoughtful placement of his "ornaments"

The boys have become so accustomed to me snapping photos during craft time that when they are finished and I ask to see their artwork, JT and Finn now will hold up their art for me. Love it!

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