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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lindsay Turns 14!

     Lindsay turned 14 a few days after Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe that she (along with all the other kids) are getting so big/old. That must mean I'm getting old along with them- ha ha! Since Lindsay's birthday always falls on Thanksgiving break, we had a low key, family celebration.

 Beautiful on the inside and out

 Courtney was so sweet to find some special Sisters poems that she wrote down for Lindsay.

 Grandma and Grandpa C. sent a card with a gift inside.

Video of Grandma and Grandpa C's gift

 2 for 1! Nanny and Aunt Cathy sent their packages together :)

 Aunt Cathy's present

Video of Aunt C's present

 Nanny's gift

 Nanny's wrap was Paul Frank- Monkey and JT started making monkey noises and scratching his armpit when he saw the paper.

Video of Nanny's gift

 From Mom and Dad- we went big for this gift- though it is a bit of a partial early Christmas gift. Kindle Fire and case.

 As is the tradition in our family, the birthday girl gets to choose the cake (or dessert) of their choice. Lindsay chose a Chocolate cake with Cream Cheese icing. She insisted she wanted to bake and decorate her cake all by herself. Love how she made a "14" out of the sprinkles.

 Happy Birthday to you.... Happy Birthday to you...

Making her birthday wish


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  1. Love the videos! Sure do miss you guys!!! Thanks for sharing on here! <3