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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ball Pit

     As I was stalking-aka looking at- Sarah's facebook page this week, I realized I forgot to post some seriously awesome photos she took of JT on New Year's Eve. That morning, we took the kids to a new Family Fun Center- complete with bowling lanes, roller skating, video games, laser tag, and a kid fun zone. The girls and I bowled while the boys headed over to the kid zone for climbing in tubes, slides, and playing in the ball pit.

     While Sarah easily schooled us in bowling, John and JT had a great time playing. After we finished bowling,we all headed over to have some fun with JT. I crawled around in the tubes a bit, quickly feeling my age as my knees begged for something softer than hard plastic to crawl upon while I pleaded for JT to "Slow down and wait for Mommy." Then he played in the ball pit- perfect! Allowed me to remain upright and have the boy contained within a netted area and jump as much as he wanted. All the girls also went in the pit for a bit to play with their little brother and that is where Sarah captured these photos.

 Our no fear boy jumping into the ball pit

 Catching big air for a 2 year old!

The result of jumping- where is JT at? Deep in the balls :)

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