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Monday, January 30, 2012

Diaper Free

     The day we have been anticipating for several months has arrived, and somewhat unexpectedly, I might add- JT is Diaper Free!!!! Totally lead by him, this past weekend we hit potty training Saturday morning. All it took was me asking JT after he woke up was if he wanted to go pee pee on the toilet.  Fully expecting to hear, "No thanks Momma, diaper.", instead he  said, "Yes!" So off we hustled to the bathroom and he went! Lots of hoots, hollers, hugs, kisses, and high 5's, we went to tell John the great news. Afterward, JT put these on.

 Absolutely adorable! Again another remarkable feat because we have had his big boy underwear for a few months and the handful of times we have attempted to have JT wear them, he treated them like hot lava had been poured on his body. He hated the underwear up until Saturday. Further emphasizes that potty training will happen in their time.

 Just to keep things simple, we just kept JT in a shirt, socks and underwear all day long.

 JT was used to me snapping photos of him most of the day and I couldn't resist getting this on the toilet holding an abundance of toilet paper. We weren't successful in the #2 department on Saturday, but he did remarkable for #1's. JT had about 3-4 slight accidents, basically starting to "go", but JT would stop and yell, "Momma! Pee Pee or Potty!!!" and we would run quickly to  the bathroom and finish in there. Excellent in my  opinion.

 John and I decided to approach JT's training in a different manner than any of the girls. We decided to create a Potty Prize box. Since JT had appeared to be quite resistant in wanting to even attempt going on the potty. John had bought several Cars matchbox cars prior, so we gave 1 to JT after his first success and explained if he continued to go on the toilet, he would get another prize. Not sure if that is what helped JT, but by lunchtime, JT had 4 cars and 0 accidents.

 That afternoon, John and I ran to Wal Mart and picked up about $20 worth of various matchbox cars, plastic animals, army men, chalk, bubbles, and stickers. We created JT's Prize Box that he was able to visit after each successful trip to the bathroom.

 Some of JT's prizes- Mater car

 Carla, from Cars 2

 Cool bouncy ball that lights up.

 By the end of the day, JT had quite a prize collection!

 Proud in his big boy underwear.

This picture perfectly sums up how excited we are all for JT. Way to go JT!!!

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